High-Tech Landscape Architecture

There are also buildings of high-tech architecture that are particularly responsive to the landscape and integrate local references. A prominent example of this is the Munich Olympic Park of 1972: even the first drafts showed that organic forms dominate here, blending gently into the terrain. On the disused airfield in the north of Munich, the office of Behnisch & Partner, in cooperation with a landscape architect, developed a site where landscape and architecture flow into each other to enable "sport in the green". For this purpose, a lake was created, thousands of trees were planted, functionally important parts of the buildings were moved underground and sports facilities were embedded in terrain hollows.

To blur the transition between inside and outside, permeable scaffolding structures were designed. In collaboration with the architect Frei Otto, transparent, large-scale roofs were created that were stretched over the facilities like nets. They allow daylight to shine through and at the same time offer protection from bad weather. Thus, the Olympic facilities in the Munich Olympic Park are a special form of high-tech architecture, where landscape and organic architectural forms are harmoniously combined by high-tech elements.


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High-Tech Landscape Architecture
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